Irish hands

Here at Bramble Green we support the age old tradition of knitting and weaving.

Our Hipster Beanies, Bonnets and Baby booties are all handmade by two local women, Jackie and Karen.  These wonderful women use wool from the famous Donegal Yarns to make the most beautiful accessories. The Kilcar Woollen Mill is centuries old - producing the authentic flecked Donegal wool. 

The Crop Cardigan and our new Bramble Sweater are made with Tweed wool from Donegal Yarns.  These knits are made by Donegal artisans on hand-operated knitting machines. 

Our range of Tweed scarves are also made in Donegal by one very talented gentleman, Eddie Doherty. He uses his trusty loom to weave together the scarves. The wool is again sourced from Donegal Yarns. 

The Alpaca accessories are all knitted by Jacqueline, a small-scale Alpaca farmer who lovingly cares for her herd of Alpacas and spins their soft wool by hand herself, before knitting the most elegant pieces for the shop. Jacqueline is based in Co. Antrim. 

The Aran sweater is an Irish heirloom steeped in tradition and closely linked to the fishing industry.  The warmth of a woollen sweater was invaluable to the men that went out on fishing trips to provide for their families.

Historically it was the women in the family that made the sweaters by hand, and each family often had a distinctive pattern they would stitch into the sweater design. We have curated a beautiful range of sweaters with a range of traditional patterns including the honeycomb, cable, Irish moss and diamond stitches.