At the heart of Bramble Green's story are authenticity and sustainability.  We want you to feel that you are buying a treasured piece when you shop with us.

Many of our knits are handmade by true artisans and sourced very locally. 

We go no further than Europe to produce our knitwear and most of our products are made here in Ireland

Our home life is also a sustainability project for our family. We are purposefully farming the land we own beside our home to encourage wide varieties of wildlife to return. 

Some of our main projects are:

- maturing our Irish Apple orchard (we planted back in 2018).  For the last 2-3 years we have had a fantastic crop of apples.

- balancing the ecosystem on the land by creating new habitats. For example we made our own wildlife pond which has seen the arrival of frogs, a diverse range of insects and even ducks. We have two ducks that now fly in and visit us!

- animal husbandry. We have two cute and friendly sheep called Paddy and Bramble. They are a breed called Valais Blacknose.  We are learning to care for them and that includes activities such as hoof cleaning and trimming as well as shearing of course. They are natural lawn mowers which is great. 

- vegetable garden. We have raised beds towards the back of the land where we are growing several varieties of potatoes, carrots, beetroot and rhubarb. 

- solar panels and electric charge point. We invested in solar energy and attached panels to one of our buildings to reduce our consumption of grid energy. We also now have an electric car which we charge onsite. Visitors can avail.

Check out this video to see a little bit about our project: