Bonamargy Bonnet

Bonamargy Bonnet


I’ve named this bonnet after Bonamargy Friary which is in Ballycastle. It is one one of my favourite places to visit with my kids. Unlike the Ballintrae Bonnet the Pom Pom is more to the top of the Bonnet as opposed to the back of the bonnet.

The bonnet sizes from 3-6 months to 3-4 years. If the size you need is out of stock I can organise a custom order for you. We can also offer other wool colours such as Navy, Mustard, Green, Pale Blue or Berry Pink.

All of our bonnets are handmade by local lady knitters. The wool we use is from the famous Donegal Yarns.

Bonamargy Bonnet Image 2 Bonamargy Bonnet Image 3 Bonamargy Bonnet Image 4 Bonamargy Bonnet Image 5
Bramble Sweater - Handmade in Ireland
Two-Tone Aran - Made in Ireland
Donegal Fleck Vest - Made in Ireland
Fair Isle Vest - Made in Scotland
Heritage Aran Sweater - Made in Ireland
Aran Sweater - Light Pastel Colours - Made in Europe
Aran Vest - Made in Ireland
McWilliams Bags - Made in Ireland
£55.00 - £80.00
Chunky Ribbed Cardigan - Made in Ireland
Chunky Aran - Made in Ireland
Mayo Sweater - Made in Ireland
His Cardy - Made in Europe
Aran Sweater - Earth Colours - Made in Europe
£50.00 - £200.00
Infinity Scarves - Made in Ireland
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